Computer Monitors

Many people won’t understand why a premium monitor costs as much as they do. However, if you make a living sitting behind a computer, a premium desktop computer monitor is one of the best purchases you can make!

A good computer monitor will offer more adjustability than a cheap monitor. The monitor stands included with more premium monitors often offer a greater range of adjustments in height, angle or rotation. As a taller person myself, I really appreciate monitor stands that can extend taller than the fixed position stands found on most low cost monitors.

A good monitor panel will also offer a wider viewing angle and/or better color accuracy. My Dell UltraSharp monitor comes factory calibrated for accurate color reproduction. Dell also provides a zero dead pixels guarantee on their professional line-up of UltraSharp monitors.

image from Unboxing the 27-inch 4k USB C Dell U2720Q Monitor

Unboxing the 27-inch 4k USB C Dell U2720Q Monitor

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